Dianna is incredibly fortunate to be part of a newer Scent Work competition venue, United States Canine Scent Sports. Founded by Julie Sandoval and Daneen Fox in Southern CA, the premise of USCSS™ is simple: provide more Scent Work trialing opportunities to as many dogs and handlers as possible!

The goal of USCSS™ is to promote challenging, yet fun and fair Scent Work searches while simultaneously building a supportive community focused on celebrating our dogs. 

Dianna is the acting Judge and CSD Coordinator for USCSS™, and in this role she works to approve and coordinate with all the prospective and approved Judges and CSDs nationwide. Dianna has recently spearheaded a Regional Official Program, where a select number of officials will continue to expand USCSS™ nationwide while approving even more local officials and holding more mock trials. Doing so grants competitors precious practice time while allowing them to experience what a USCSS™ trial is all about. 

Dianna is also a certified Judge and CSD with USCSS™, assists Affiliates and competitors with questions regarding trial logisitcs and rules, and is an approved Chief Score Room Person (CSRP).