Dianna no longer offers in-person dog training services due to a serious neck and back injury.
  • Dog Sport University

    Dog Sport University

    Are you interested in getting involved in a new sport, or are looking for ways to better succeed in one? The online courses offered through Dog Sport University are what you are looking for!
  • Scent Work University

    Scent Work University

    Are you interested in Scent Work but do not have an instructor or group class nearby? Scent Work University is what you are looking for! Online dog training that offers high-quality instruction, incredible convenience and fantastic flexibility.
  • Basic Manners

    Do You Wish for a Well-Behaved Dog?

    Perhaps your dog jumps up on company. Or maybe they pull when on-leash. Maybe they get into everything in sight. What is a dog owner to do?! Take a look at the School of Good Manners offered through Dog Sport University. Online courses designed to help your dog be the best they can be.
  • Focus on Fun

    Have Fun With Your Dog

    Ready to have fun with your dog? These training techniques are designed to bring out the Einstein in your pup! Check out the School of Clicker Training, and take your dog training to the next level.
  • DSU Blog

    DSU Dog Training Blog

    Want training tips, a peak at how an instructor progresses in their own training and how to succeed at trial? Be sure to check out our DSU Dog Training Blog where we talk about all things dog sports!
  • SWU Blog

    Scent Work University Blog

    In our Scent Work University blog, we cover all things Scent Work! Tips for competitors, a look behind the curtain at what really happens at trials and training advice are just a few of the topics that are covered. Check out the SWU Blog today!
  • DSU Podcast

    All About Dog Sports Podcast

    Join us for a weekly podcast where we discuss all things dog sport-related!
  • SWU Podcast

    All About Scent Work Podcast

    Join us as we discuss all things Scent Work, including training tips, how to be successful at trial and how to keep the game fun for both you and your dog.